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A leadership opportunity like no other for youth.

Meera, 17
UAE Executive

"Being a CMHQ executive has allowed me to increase my knowledge base, develop useful abilities, and get to know wonderful individuals. CMHQ’s outstanding mentoring and advice has enabled me to advance both personally and professionally."

Facilitate Service That Makes A Real Difference In Your Country!

CMHQ Country Ambassadors spearhead operations in their respective countries. The role entails country maintenance and growth of CMHQ activities including hiring and managing a team, marketing CMHQ within their region, and service initiative execution.


Tangible Impact

As a CMHQ executive, you are given the resources and platform to change the lives of thousands in your country.

Professional Development

At CMHQ, beyond your role, we have a dedication to helping you develop personally and professional through workshops and support from us and our partners.


Manage and lead a team of 5 with a collective goal to make change at a national scale. 

Applying to Become an Executive

Executives must be between the ages of 13-17. To become an executive, simply click the button below, and fill out the less than 5-minute form. Once received, our representatives will set up an interview with you to see compatibility between you and CMHQ. We seek executives who match our vision of democratizing service for youth.

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