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We equip youth to lead impactful community service  initiatives worldwide.

Toronto, Canada








Our Story

How CMHQ Started

For our team, in high school, being thrown a bag and gloves and being told to pick up trash, wasn’t enough to fulfill our interests in community service. For high schoolers today, it is very hard to find service opportunities that match interests, as there are such limited options. In addition, almost all service leaves youth in the background making quite minimal impact. While youth around the world attempt to start nonprofits or create their own service projects, they are faced with constant roadblocks as a result of their age, from establishing partnerships to gaining credibility. Thousands of youth around the world, and likely even you reading this, feel that itch to make a real difference in your community, but are restricted because of your age. 


We thought, why don’t we change that? Youth can, and will, make an impact when they’re given the opportunity to prove themselves. CMHQ helps youth make those once unachievable and challenging ideas for community-service projects, a reality. We streamline the process for initiatives, so you can focus on the impact that truly matters. 


What We Offer

CMHQ removes the conventional boundaries experienced by youth who want to make an impact in their communities. This often includes finding a location, team, and curriculum to run initiatives. CMHQ takes care of all of this with support from our partners like EY and Movember. You select one of our hand-crafted curriculums that interest you, ranging from product drives to science classes, and we find a team and location, near you, for you to deliver the initiative. All you have to do is show up and lead the impact. 

If you're in high school, passionate, and know you have a lot more in you than gloves and a trash bag, we want you at CMHQ. Start leading initiatives in your community today.

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