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We come to you and deliver impactful programming!

  • What is the mission of CMHQ?
    CMHQ is a global launchpad for ambitious high school students ages 13 to 17 seeking to lead service initiatives in their communities. We support youth lead initiatives by finding them a team and location to deliver the initiative, in addition to providing a curriculum, developed alongside our corporate sponsors. Start leading service projects in your community today.
  • What are the eligibility requirements to join CMHQ?
    CMHQ is designed for high-school students between the ages of 13-17. In addition to the age requirement, you must also: - Be proficient in English. - Have access to good internet connection.
  • What does the process to join CMHQ look like?
    Following filling in our sign-up form, you will receive details to log-into Catalyst. Catalyst is our digital service platform for you to track your service progress in CMHQ. Following this, you will be prompted to watch our general changemaker video. After this, 10 questions based on the video will be posed. To be admitted into CMHQ, you must score 80% or higher on this quiz. If you score 80% or higher, you will gain the opportunity to view and sign-up for the initiatives we offer in your city.
  • What does the process of leading an initiative in CMHQ look like?
    1. After signing up for Catalyst (our digital service-tracking platform) and scoring 80% or higher on our changemaker quiz you will be able to explore the initiatives we offer for leading in your city. 2. Explore and sign-up to lead initiatives that align with your interests 3. Will be selected to lead the initiative, given a role for the initiative, and placed in Slack group chat with other youth close to you. 4. Work collectively with fellow youth and the support of CMHQ to bring the initiative to life.
  • What are initiative roles?
    Following being selected for an initiative, each participant is designated a role based on the initiative. Roles range from designing media for the initiative to being the one teaching on initiative day. Based on the initiative and role you are given, your tasks may be virtual or in-person. If you cannot be in-person for the initiative, accommodations can be made by fellow initiative leaders to switch to a more convenient role.
  • What are examples of outcomes from CMHQ initiatives?
    Outcomes of CMHQ initiatives have ranged from youth in CMHQ delivering science experiments in orphanages and schools to whole-community beach clean-ups. CMHQ helps in taking out the legwork of making large-scale impact in your community.
  • What types of initiatives can I lead in CMHQ?
    Initiatives at CMHQ are run using the wide-spanning curriculums we have developed alongside our partners. This diversity allows you to find a curriculum you love leading and that matches your interests. CMHQ offers: Fundraising Initiatives (Raising money to be donated to CMHQ) Hands-On Class Initiatives (Classes with an interactive component - Science Experiments) Teaching Class Initiatives (Classes that are curriculum-based - Business & Public Speaking Classes) Donation Drive Initiatives (Donation of items coupled with an interactive workshop - Clothes, Sanitary Products, Soccer Equipment, Book Donations) Sign up for one of these initiatives on our digital service-tracking platform, and bring it to life in your community today!
  • How long does it take to complete an initiative in CMHQ?
    The time to complete an initiative in CMHQ differs based on the type of initiative. On average, from start to finish, initiatives typically take 2-3 weeks to be completed
  • Can leading initiatives in CMHQ help me get into university?
    Our priority is to help youth lead impact within their communities. In CMHQ, you work on unique service projects and develop a portfolio that you may use when applying to university. While experiences in CMHQ may be spoken about on university applications, our launchpad is designed for community service and personal growth.
  • Can I earn service hours for leading initiatives in CMHQ?
    Yes. CMHQ awards service hours for leading initiatives. On average, you can earn 5 hours for every initiative you lead in CMHQ.
  • What happens after I lead an initiative in CMHQ?
    Following leading an initiative in CMHQ you will earn 4 things: A secure link to a certificate designating the impact you made during the initiative. This certificate can be placed on platforms such as LinkedIn (Certificate Template: Service hours for the time you contributed to leading the initiative Changemaker badges - Various badges given to leaders of distinction during the initiative. Impact Points - Based on changemaker awards won and completion of the initiative, will receive impact point on volunteer digital dashboard; Catalyst. These points can be accumulated to join our gold changemaker program.
  • Can I lead more initiatives in CMHQ after completing one?
    You may only lead one initiative at a time, but after completing an initiative, you can continue to lead initiatives in CMHQ.
  • What badges can I earn during initiatives in CMHQ?
    Badges recognize youth who go above and beyond during initiatives, with selections made by CMHQ executives of the initiative. Badges correlate to impact points and include: MVP, Problem-Solver, Innovator, Efficiency, Excellence, and Communicator.
  • What are impact points?
    You will be awarded Impact Points during the course of your journey in CMHQ. Impact Points are awarded through completion of initiatives along with additional Impact Points given for awards won during initiatives
  • What is the Gold Changemaker program?
    Being a Gold Changemaker is one of the most prestigious titles awarded within CMHQ. To apply to be part of the program, you must accumulate at least 200 Impact Points. Eligible changemakers may apply for the program, with the application including two written essays. Gold Changemakers become spokespeople for CMHQ in their country and internationally. Additionally, their bios are published on the CMHQ website and gain access to larger CMHQ initiatives including fundraising and conference hosting.
  • What is the role of country executives?
    Country executives oversee local operations, ensuring program success in their countries. To become the country ambassador of your country for CMHQ apply here.
  • What qualities do CMHQ executives have?
    There is one quality that all CMHQ executives have: the will to execute efficiently. Our leadership ethos at CMHQ is that we want to go as quickly from ideating to executing, which at the end of the day helps change lives. Our executives are also strong leaders, gifted communicators, efficient organizers and largely have a genuine passion for service.
  • What is the process behind becoming an executive?
    When you fill out the form, you will be contacted by one of our human resources representatives to arrange an interview. This interview will be around 15 minutes and discuss your personal skills and past service experiences, to gauge CMHQ executive-fit.
  • How many executive positions are there per country?
    Per country, there are 6 executive positions. There is one country ambassador, who is the primary executive, and 5 additional executives who are critical in the operations of a CMHQ team.
  • Are there promotion opportunities?
    Yes. CMHQ's has many opportunities for promotion. There is first the country ambassador, which works at a national level, then regional representatives, which manage a group of countries, then continent representatives, which manage a whole continent.

Programming We Offer

We Deliver Programming To Organizations Just Like Yours!

CMHQ has a focus on delivering our curriculums to organizations whose members would significantly benefit from programming. These organizations, include, but are not limited to schools, community centres, religious buildings, shelters, and orphanages.

The CMHQ Difference

CMHQ programming is unique due our low-cost, passionate programming leaders, and credible curriculums.

1. CMHQ programming for locations in-need is delivered at no-cost! 

2. All of our programming leaders are between the ages of 13-18. While young, our leaders are passionate about making an impact and will be able to connect well with young-people in your organization during our initiatives.


3. Finally, the curriculums delivered by our leaders are designed and developed in coordination with our trusted partners. This means our programs are sure to leave a lasting impact on your organization's members. 

How Our Process Works

CMHQ has a simple 3-step process for delivering programming to organizations we partner with. 


Establish a Partnership

Using the button below, fill out our program inquiry form. From here, we will establish a partnership with your organization for CMHQ to reach out when we have opportunities to provide programming.


Choose a Time & Date

When CMHQ has the opportunity to host  programming at your location, a date, time and curriculum will be decided upon for program day. For safety, confirmation will be made of one staff member from your organization being present for the program.


Program Day

On program day, leaders from CMHQ will deliver the selected curriculum with members of your organization. Following the programming, these leaders may ask simple questions to participants about their thoughts on the program to continue to improve our curriculums.  

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