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We Help Youth
Change The World

Discover how CMHQ can support you in leading service initiatives in your community today!  

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The top launchpad for teens looking to change the world. 

CMHQ is a global launchpad for ambitious high school students ages 13 to 17 seeking to lead
service initiatives in their communities.

Do these issues sound familiar to you? CMHQ takes the legwork out of service, so you can focus on initiative day.

Can't Find A Dedicated Team?

At CMHQ, we pair you up with passionate youth near you to collectively complete initiatives together.  

Unsure Who To Reach Out To? 

CMHQ has established connections worldwide allowing us to take care of setting up times and locations for you to run initiatives. All you have to do is show up.

Overwhelming Roadblocks?

CMHQ professionals provide continual support to aid with questions and concerns during initiatives. 

Not Sure What To Teach?

Alongside our partners, CMHQ has developed impactful, wide-ranging curriculums with instructions to deliver them.  All you have to do is choose which curriculum you want to deliver. 

Lead service initiatives within a few weeks 

We've all had dreams about the impact we could make in our communities. CMHQ supports you in bringing those dreams to life through support and taking the roadblocks out of initiatives like finding a team and location.
After a few weeks, these are some of the service projects youth in CMHQ have worked on:


Learn more about leading service projects
at CMHQ 

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